About AHPA

Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA), formerly called Health Professions Council of Australia (HPCA), is the national peak body for major health professions and their representative bodies other than medical practitioners, nurses and unions. AHPA works to represent the interests of the allied health professions sector, particularly to the Federal Government; and to provide a vehicle for liaison and discussion between the professions themselves.

It allows the sector to speak with one voice on issues where there is general agreement, and to negotiate mutually acceptable positions wherever possible on more difficult issues.

Members of AHPA are national organisations representing health professionals who have a role in the private and public health sectors, including public hospitals, involving direct client contact, or managing or educating such health professionals.

Affiliation with AHPA is open to other groups and organisations (including those that are state-based rather than national) who are interested in working with other health professionals on national issues.

Collectively, organisations within AHPA represent about 50,000 health professionals. Each organisation has internal systems and networks for liaising with its members, ensuring that AHPA has input from health professionals right across Australia who together provide a vast wealth of expertise.

Strategic Leadership .......

As the peak national organisation, AHPA has an important strategic leadership role.  It is the body that the Federal Government and other national bodies turn to when they seek the collective views of allied health.

........ and Health Care Reform

The Federal Government has embarked on a program of substantial reform with the introduction of Medicare Locals, their supporting  National Body, and Local Hospital Networks.

AHPA believes that it is vital that allied health professionals have an equal opportunity together with doctors and nurses to contribute to the debate regarding health care reform and to help shape and implement the structure of the new organisations. 

AHPA's major concern is to ensure that the Medicare Locals and the National Organisation  include allied health professionals at all levels of governance, (please see Media Releases).

As allied health professionals represent 20% of the country's healthcare workforce, their extensive expertise, knowledge of and experience in the provision and delivery of healthcare services needs to be utilised within the new organisations  to ensure that they operate most effectively.  This will be to the best advantage of consumers, ensuring that they have the integrated, comprehensive health services which they are entitled to expect.