Allied Health Leaders Network

The Allied Health Leaders Network ("AHLN-online") is an online resource for allied health leaders who wish to linkup with others across Australia, to pursue inter-professional collaboration and sharing of information relevant to allied health teamwork in service delivery, research and education.   

AHLN-online is not a social media site -  it is an ordered set of 'spaces/ filing drawers' for messages, files/documents and  links to documents or websites/ pages which we hope will enable networking and sharing information across our allied health professions and around Australia.  Participants are able to view each other’s profiles, and exchange directly with each other.

An AHLN-online Advisory Team of allied health professionals has guided the development of AHLN-online to meet allied health leaders' interests and needs. The Areas of Interest we have identified are:  Clinical Education;  Communities of Practice; Cultural Integrity,  ePractice;  Facilitating Research; Leadership;  Primary Healthcare Networks;  Private Practice Management;  Public Health Settings; and Rural and Remote.    Participants only see those Areas of Interest to which they have subscribed.

As an exclusive member benefit for members of AHPA's Member Organisations ONLY, allied health professionals will find a live link to subscribe in the members area of their Professional Association’s website, similiar to the one below.